PEPS ICO Participation Guide.

Provides guidance on how to join the ICO.

1. Copy the ETH addresses in (A) for ICO participation, then transfer the ETH as many quantities as the Pepscoin you purchase.

2. Enter the quantity of the ETH used to purchase Pepscoin into the (B) box. The PEPS quantity is displayed for the number of ETH you have sent.

3. Copy the transferred TXID (Transaction History) and enter it in the (C) column.

4. Finally, click (D) BUY PEPSCOIN button to complete ICO participation.

5. Once the transferred details TXID are verified, PEPSCOIN will be sent to your account wallet for the quantity you are participating in.

If you have any questions about ICO, please email . and we will reply.

Thank you for your attention and participation.

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